Crawford Collins
Data Scientist
About Me

I am a data scientist currently focusing on building data intensive applications. I use data to solve problems and visualizations to tell stories. I explore networks and work on creating better recomendation systems.

I want to work on High Performance Computing and making code fast and efficient. I have spent almost all my time working in Python, but other languages I would like to use more are Julia, Swift, & Spark.

Before switching careers and becoming a data scientist I worked in the investment industry.

Data Science at Lambda School
9 month full time course
Descriptive statistics
Predictive statistics
Data engineering
Machine Learning
Month long full stack project with Web dev students
Computer Science
Graduate of The University of Alabama
Bachelors degree in Finance
Minor in statistics
Dean's List, Presidential Scholar, Outstanding Student in Finance
Areas of Interest and Study
Linear Algebra
Data Pipelines
Recommender Systems
Neural Networks
Favorite Tools
Pandas & scikit-learn
Google Cloud Functions